Thursday, March 19, 2015

WIP: Original Figure Sculpt Part 2

So here is some more progress

on the sculpting:

Refining the forms...  Also gave her some leg extensions:

Roughing out forms of her shirt...

I plan to cast this in resin so to facilitate painting I need to cut her into pieces (yikes!). After cutting her in half, I cut out a hole in one side and on the opposite side I glued a piece of plastic to act as a peg.  I then filled the hole with some miliput and smushed the two halves together.  The final result is a nice positive and negative connection!

Cleaned up her neck...

Cut off her legs and went through the same process as her torso....

Things are starting to come together and I'm beginning to think this might actually work!


  1. what kind os clay do you use? looks so friendly to sand! ;) nice work men

    1. Hey, thanks! The clay is La Doll Premier clay. It air dries pretty solid and yep, it's easy to sand.