Sunday, December 21, 2014

WIP: Misato and Mini Moto Part 3!

Got busy so this project got put on hiatus for a bit but I was able to finish it up just recently.

Here are some more process pictures:

Primed Misato using Mr. Resin Primer.

A few pinholes on her back so I dabbed a bit of primer, sanded, then reprimed.

Didn't get an pictures of just the base colors, but I airbrushed them will vallejo model color.
For her jeans I hand painted the white on the fringes and dry-brushed white over the rest to pull out the texture.  Buttons painted with Vallejo liquid silver then put a light black wash over them to dull them down.

Hours of masking for 15 minutes of airbrushing!  The green stuff is liquid mask to fill in the smaller gaps.

More masking for the blacks...  Cleaned up the stripes by hand later.

Cleaned up her kicks by hand and did a light wash over them.

It's Misato!  Hand painted her eyes and mouth.

There were some gaps where her hair met her face so after gluing it on, I had to fill some of the seams and repaint them.

Goggles! and masking the strap on her head...

Setting u for the base.  I used a black picture frame and a sheet of foggy white acrylic.

After some thought I decided it would be cool to do some lighting in the base.  Got this flexible LED setup from Ikea and stuck it to the inside of the picture frame.  It also changes colors!

And a few shots of the finish. Will take some better pictures later...