Friday, March 7, 2014

hello world...

So I've got some free time and decided I ought to get this blog started.

This will be a place for my modeling/hobby adventures!  I currently have way too many hobbies for my own good including various table top games like Warhammer 40k and Warmachine but I also do build Gundam and resin kits and the like, so expect to see some of that here as well.

I always have some kind of work in progress going on so I will try to include process pictures and information stuff too (I figure this is also a good place to document things for my own reference later on).

This first post though I guess I'll just show off some recent things I've completed!

First up some Infinity:

A friend just introduced me to this game- which is a lot of fun! I also enjoy the fact that a decent sized army can be as little as 7 figures.  Gives me an chance to really get in there and paint them rather than assembly lining 100 little mans.

Next up are some Warmachine Models:

This is the new Convergence of Cyriss faction.  I really liked the idea of art deco robots and I was inspired by those classy cars of the era.  Also the great variety of materials seen in a lot of the architecture.